What New About Programming Language Trends and Popularity in 2021
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What New About Programming Language Trends and Popularity in 2021

5 top programming languages to learn in 2021 


Python was made in the last part of the 1980s by Guido van Rossum. Prior, Guido has fostered a broadly functional programming language ABC. It had a few downsides; however the usefulness was quite fair. So Guido took the grammar and the best components of ABC and made a new prearranging language to fix that load of issues. 

So what makes Python so pursued nowadays? Fundamentally, basic learning, proficiency, and flexibility fill in as key components for its fast development. Additionally, this top online web programming language is an incredible choice for AI, information science, and the Internet of Things that have been acquiring force lately. 


1. Simplicity 

2. A extraordinary number of libraries 

3. Open source nature 


1. Slow execution speed 

2. Great memory utilization 

3. Uselessness for Mobile turn of events 


JetBrains presented Kotlin in 2011. Already, the organization utilized Java to construct devices for designers and undertaking directors. Be that as it may, bunches of dreary work turned into a genuine test for the JetBrains group, so they began looking for elective alternatives. For quite a while, They utilized Scala, Clojure, and Groovy. In any case, these programming dialects couldn’t fulfil every one of their necessities. So the JetBrains group chose to make their language with every one of the components they required. 

Kotlin v 1.0 was authoritatively delivered in 2016. Most recent programming dialects patterns show it has been the quickest developing programming language over the new couple of years. It is to a great extent because of the way that Google proclaimed Kotlin the favoured innovation for Android engineers in 2019. 


1. Good co-appointment with java code 

2. Fewer bugs 

3. Easy upkeep 


1. Slow Compilation Speed 

2. Restricted Resources 

3. Kotlin is unique in relation to Java 


Martin Odersky began dealing with Scala in 2001. In one of the meetings, he expressed that the thought was to join useful and object-arranged programming. Like other programming dialects, Scala was made in view of a particular reason. 


1. Compatibility with Java 

2. Functional Coding 

3. Scala is among the top web programming dialects 

Dis benefits: 

1. Steep Learning bend 

2. Restricted engineer pool 

3. It can be deserted whenever 


Brandan Eich made JavaScript in 1995 while working at Netscape Communications. Around then, this PC administrations organization dispatched the main mainstream internet browser called Netscape Navigator. So Eich’s assignment was to foster a programming language explicitly for this program. 

At first, Javascript, presently one of the top programming dialects, was called Mocha. In any case, when Netscape joined with Sun, the name was changed to JavaScript. 

The ubiquity of JavaScript is irrefutable. The study by Stack Overflow showing the latest things in programming dialects demonstrates this reality. Javascript is named a programming language that is the most normally utilized by proficient engineers. 


1. Wide Acceptance 

2. Server Load 

3. Interoperability 

Dis benefits: 

1. There is no static composing 

2. Browser Support 

3. Insufficient customer side security 


Chris Lattner began chipping away at Swift along with other Apple engineers in 2010. The fundamental thought of another programming language was taken from different advances. They incorporate Objective-C, Ruby, Python, Rust, and C#. 

Quick, one of the arising programming dialects was intended to supplant Objective-C. The last programming language has not seen any huge changes since the 1980s. This way, it needed current usefulness. 


1. Scalability 

2. Rapid Development 

3. Enhanced Performance 

Dis benefits: 

1. Insufficient help for more established iOS forms 

2. Limited Talent Pool 3. Instability

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