What is Web Design and Web Development?
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What is Web Design and Web Development?

Web design means determining what a website will look like or what it will look like in general. For example, what will be its layout? Where there will be menus in the header, whether there will be sidebars, how to display the images, etc. And some programming, scripting languages ​​, and markup languages ​​have to be used to determine this design.

What is Web Designing and Development?

Web development is the function of making the admin panel of a website functional, from the inside of a website or the admin panel to the exterior of the website or content management. That is, the code that is used to perform all the functional functions of a website is called web development.

Should You Learn Web Design or Development?

In our country, people do not ask questions like ‘Which job will I learn’ or ‘What job will I be able to do but say ‘How easy will I earn’ or ‘How much money will I earn by learning this’. Web design or development is not for those who are thinking about how much to earn or how to earn overnight. 

Although web design is one of the most lucrative professions in the world, if you want to keep the income in mind then I would say web design is not for you. Professions like web design, web development, or programming are actually for those who want to do something creative and find themselves in their work. 

Since web design is rich in coding and programming and programming is not possible without the addiction, such work is only for those who are attracted to this work. But the reality is that once you learn, you can earn good money from any other profession here.

To learn more about web design and development please check our other blogs. There you will get a complete guideline. 

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