New-Age Companies Are Using React Native for Web Development
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New-Age Companies Are Using React Native for Web Development

HTML, JavaScript, and CSS have the core of user interface and web development. HTML is known as the markup language that helps to layout the web page’s skeleton-like, here is the header, text, and sidebar. CSS is also known as the style sheet language that helps to add style to the website page – such as color, fonts, spacing to the elements. JavaScript is the basic programming language that enables the interaction between users and webpages, like the search bar used to fill the form and submit it.

As most web apps are increasingly becoming dynamic and complex, libraries and new tools (collections of various resources such as pre-written codes, configuration data, message templates, etc.) have emerged to speed up web page management and development. One of the main libraries in React Native was developed by Jordan Walke, as part of the effort to manage increasing elements on the page of Facebook. In the year 2013, Facebook opened the source React. After that, it became the hottest library of JavaScript due to which React developers are in big demand now.

“Lots of companies like Flipkart, RazorPay, Myntra, etc. are adopting React. Companies reach us all the time and keep saying that we need React developers. Developers of React are well paid,” said Kiran Abburi, Neostack founder and the organizer of React Bangalore, which has an active community of 13,000, which is the biggest React community. Rahul Sawant and Kiran, lead the frontend development, and they were the guests on the Times Techies Webinar, where they had become popular.

They have asked about the skills that are required to become a React Native developer. Rahul said if you know CSS, HTML, and JavaScript, then it would be easy and simple to learn React. “But if you are getting into a company, they see what you built on the top of it. So, start by building small applications using the React Native app development while you are in college. You can do it seamlessly”.

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