Know all about Single Page Application (SPA)
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Know all about Single Page Application (SPA)

SPA is a perfect choice if you plan to build an engaging and unique experience for your users 

Google and Facebook are the two biggest platforms whose applications drive most people’s daily usage of the internet and social media activity.

The web applications are divided into two parts of the design-based pattern:

Single Page Application and Multi-Page Application

Single page application vs multi-page application 

Choosing between a single-page application vs multi-page application is totally based on your business requirements.

First, let’s get the knowledge on multi-page application

What is a Multi-Page Application 

A Multi-page Application is a web application consisting of a large number of pages completely refreshed every time data changes on them. Any type of data change or data transfer to the server leads to a new page displayed in the browser. The content they carry is enormous. 

What is a Single Page Application 

SPA (Single page application) is a web app implementation that loads only a single web document and updates the main content of that single document by javascript APIs such as XMLHttpRequest and fetches when different content is to be shown which allows users to use websites without loading the whole page from the server which can increase the performance and dynamic experience. Every system in the world has its advantages as well as disadvantages.


1.Quick loading time

 SPA helps your website page to load your page quicker than the traditional web applications as it only has to load a single page but the traditional web applications have to load pages at every request.

2. High user experience

 It gives the user experience like a desktop or mobile app. Users do not have to go to the new page  as only the content on the page changes not the whole page which makes experience more friendly.

3. Easy building rich application features 

It makes it easy to add more advanced features to the application. it’s easy to build content editing applications but traditional web applications would require a total page require.


1.Will not perform well with SEO

Search engines see the number of pages a website have but SPA is only for a single page load.

2. Storing Browser History

It will not store your browsing history so in case you remove the page by mistake you can’t go back to that page again 

3. Less security

It is Prone to cross-site scripting attacks. The security issues are the main concern as it may be leaked by another person or hacked. 

Security issues are the main concern as it may be leaked by another person or can be  hacked. 

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