Ideal Setup for Web Development Team Structure – Key Specialists and Roles
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Ideal Setup for Web Development Team Structure – Key Specialists and Roles

It must be a fantasy to turn on full-stack web application development and conduct the project from prior planning stages to deployment on one’s own. This would make the task easier and will help in having lower development costs. However, if you are hoping to have an ideal setup for web development, you no doubt want a full stack web developer to sweat on it.

Mostly, all of us know that ideal web application design and development process involves many tasks which are not a job of one single person to handle on its own or carry it on a professional level. Therefore, to have a successful and effective web based application needs a good team of specialists who are accomplished in their own field.

Let’s get to know about different specialists and skills when brought together, create a solid basis for a good web development department.

Know About Specialists and Skills Leads to Ideal Setup for Web Development

Project Manager

Each and every crew, team, project needs a leader to take responsibility and handle all decisions for the team’s common goal, avoid any conflict and confusion between team members. In web development, this leader is known as Project Manager.

Now, what does a project manager do?

  • Making decisions
  • Providing effective communication between the customers and the developers.
  • Allocating resources
  • Scheduling projects and many more.

Project Architect

Every web project must be handled and designed individually from the prior development stages. A person who draws the line and decides what kind of web based application is to be developed is known as Project Architect.

They interact with the customer, get to know what type of web development department a customer is expecting, and then give architecture suitable for customer business needs. They can be employed part-time as they are needed only for making the architecture for the ideal setup for web development.

UI/UX Designers

Before web design is executed in code by front-end developers, it is explicit in layouts and wireframes. And before this, in-depth user experience research is passed on to understand the user’s expectations of the future web target audience.

UI/UX designer creates a few variants of a future user interface, making them finer with every review session, and finally choosing the best one amongst them. It is engaging in a web application design and development process in particular for most of the UI/UX designers.

When looking for persons suitable for this type of work, you must consider analytical and psychological skills, open-mindedness, and graphic design skills mainly. Although interconnected, UI/UX design and its execution are completely different tasks that require different skills.

Web developers

Web developers play a crucial and momentous role in the ideal setup for web development. They are the ones who turn your ready-made design into a working product that can be used by anyone over the internet. Although the web development department involves two components – front-end and back-end, at least one developer is responsible for handling each end.

Front-end Developers – They use technologies such as HTML, CSS, JAVASCRIPT to deal with the client-side of the website. They recreate the website piece by piece based on the blueprint provided by the designers. In short, their main task is to make sure that your website functions properly and looks good on any device/browser.

Back-End Developers – They are responsible for making a server-side code for web apps generating the website features. There are many languages and frameworks available for these kinds of purposes such as JavaScript, Python, .NET, and so on. They are also responsible for ensuring that the back end handles the data it receives and sends it back to the front end in a correct and secured way.

Full Stack Developers- These developers can make both a client-side and server-side of the web application design and development process on their own.

QA Testers

The responsibility of QA Testers is to ensure that the web based application is fully functional on different devices/browsers.

Once the development part of the project is done then it will pass on to the QA testing team. It is already instructed about the project so that they are ready with all the scenarios by which the project might fail to be functional or technical.


Guided by the project manager and assisted by project architect, your ideal setup for web development should consist of specialists like front-end web developers, back-end web developers, and QA engineers. By investing in each stage of a web application design and development process to a respective experienced specialist, you enhance the chances of justifying your expenses and getting a web based application that lives up to all your expectations.

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